So here we have it, my first “proper” blog post and it’s a day late. I know I said I’d do mental health posts every Monday and it’s now Tuesday, but I completely lost track of the days and for some reason thought that it was Sunday yesterday, hence why this post is coming to you today. Sorry about that.

Before we get onto the main point of this update, I thought I’d give you a little round up of my week so you have a little bit of a back story as to what led to me finding this. The past week admittedly wasn’t the best for my anxiety attacks.

On Wednesday I went over to my friends house, nothing too mentally strenuous and quite an enjoyable activity. We were both having a great time and then suddenly out of nowhere I just had a panic attack. There was no obvious trigger, it just kinda happened. It was a very strange experience and one that left me with a lot of guilt at the end of it as I felt that it had casted a shadow over what had otherwise been a very good day.

Then, on Saturday, I started getting those panic attack “symptoms” (you’ll know what I mean if you suffer from them yourself) and just had an attack right in the middle of the shopping centre. It wasn’t fun.

So after that last experience, my mum took me into this herbal/health food shop in our village, which was where we discovered Theanine. It’s a natural herbal capsule tablet thingy (pardon my bad description) that’s found in green tea and is used for improving focus and concentration and is also amazing for panic attacks. Right now I’m taking two a day (as was recommended to me) and I’ve been taking them for three and a half days, and it’s going brilliantly so far. I’m already feeling a lot calmer having only been taking them for a short amount of time, and things that previously would have led me to having a panic attack haven’t.

They’re available to everyone over the age of eight in the UK (I’m not sure if different countries have different guidelines but that’s what it is in the UK) so it’s available to teenagers and young people. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans I believe (not so sure about vegans but it’s definitely available for vegetarians and I’m pretty sure vegans can take it too) and it doesn’t contain any gluten. As far as I know it’s compatible with all medictation apart from those for Parkinsons disease, so if you’re on any medication except for that you should be fine but I’d always recommend speaking to someone first just to double check.

These tablets are definitely something I would recommend for those who suffer with panic attacks or high levels of anxiety. In the reviews that I’ve read of them there has been multiple people saying that this has cured their anxiety disorders. Obviously I can’t make a fair judgement of that based on the fact that I’ve only been taking them for three days, but so far it’s looking very promising. I will update you on how it’s going and how these tablets are working every Monday, along with my usual mental health update.

Lily ❤


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